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Nora En Pure - Pretoria

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Artist: Nora En Pure
Title: Pretoria
Catalog: ETR743BP
Released: 14.06.2024
Type: Single
1. Nora En Pure - Pretoria (Original Mix) (03:27)
2. Nora En Pure - Pretoria (Extended Mix) (06:04)

Quite literally the one that everyone has been waiting for, the time has finally come for Nora En Pure's sought-after tour ID, 'Pretoria' to see the light of day on Enormous Tunes. Connecting with audiences all over the planet, this cut bursts with the euphoria she feels for her homeland, radiating positive energy with playful synth work across driving bass and rhythmic percussion. A versatile creation that will soundtrack road trips to festival sets, 'Pretoria' is a timeless addition to her ever-growing discography.

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