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Santamaria - Santamaria

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Artist: Santamaria
Title: Santamaria
Label: Awen Records
Catalog: AWEN221
Released: 03.06.2024
Type: EP
Santamaria Unveils Latest Release "Make It Easy" Featuring Vocals by Millicent Reference: Awen220 Santamaria, hailing from the vibrant club scene of southern Italy, proudly presents his newest release, "Make It Easy". Building upon his musical journey from classic raves to a captivating fusion of synth soundscapes and deep house grooves, Santamaria collaborates with vocalist Millicent to deliver an unforgettable sonic experience. "Make It Easy" marks a significant milestone in Santamaria's artistic evolution, showcasing his commitment to innovation and collaboration. Breaking free from traditional house conventions, Santamaria has crafted a new melodic house identity, blending classic techno sounds with experimental vocals from around the globe. This track represents a natural progression of Santamaria's signature sound, demonstrating his dedication to crafting music suitable for both the disco and the warehouse. "Make It Easy" takes listeners on a journey into the depths of deep house, blending warm textures with euphoric vocals to create a mesmerizing experience that captivates the senses. Prepare yourself for a sonic adventure as Santamaria invites you to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of "Make It Easy". With its infectious rhythms and enchanting vocals, this track promises to leave a lasting impression on electronic music enthusiasts worldwide. Stay tuned for the release of "Make It Easy" and get ready to embark on a journey through the depths of melodic house with Santamaria and Millicent.
[5:50] 01. Santamaria - Make It Easy feat. Millicent
[6:52] 02. Santamaria - Nuclear Child feat. Millicent

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