Delayed Senses
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Eichenbaum & Nacho Barcús - Delayed Senses

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Title: Delayed Senses
Label: 3rd Avenue
Catalog: 3AV438
Released: 03.06.2024
Type: Single
1. Eichenbaum & Nacho Barcús – Delayed Senses (07:14)
2. Eichenbaum & Nacho Barcús – Delayed Senses [Nicolas Leonelli Remix] (06:43)
3. Eichenbaum & Nacho Barcús – Delayed Senses [Dylan Deck Remix] (07:49)
4. Eichenbaum & Nacho Barcús – Delayed Senses [Gerardo Moro Remix] (07:48)

Madloch's 3rd Avenue label proudly introduces Eichenbaum & Nacho Barcús with their enchanting "Delayed Senses EP." This release is accompanied by remixes from Nicolas Leonelli, Dylan Deck, and Gerardo Moro. Andres Eichenbaum, also known as Eichenbaum, hails from Buenos Aires, Argentina, where his journey into electronic music began. Immersed in the city's diverse music scene, he found his passion for Progressive House. In 2013, he made a significant move to Waiheke Island, New Zealand, where he has since become a fixture in the electronic music scene. His performances have graced stages across the globe, from Argentina to Japan, Malta to Mexico, and beyond, sharing lineups with luminaries like Guy J and Sasha. Nacho, Eichenbaum's production partner, is a rising talent who recently debuted his first single on Droid9. Together, they bring a fresh perspective and dynamic energy to the electronic music landscape.

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