Alpha Centauri
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Alien Art - Alpha Centauri

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Artist: Alien Art
Title: Alpha Centauri
Label: Iboga Records
Released: 03.06.2024
Type: Album
1. Alien Art – Proxima B (10:53)
2. Alien Art – The Greys (09:53)
3. Alien Art – First Contact (10:21)
4. Alien Art – The Message (09:46)
5. Alien Art – Mutation (10:03)
6. Alien Art – Planet X (10:30)
7. Alien Art – Seven (09:54)
8. Alien Art – Gaia (06:58)

It was the year 2024 AD, aboard ship Seven, Captain Hook and Captain Ventura prepare for a historic mission: First Contact with the Alpha Centauri System. Rumors of potential extraterrestrial contact fueled excitement among the crew. Recent breakthroughs in time travel technology enabled deep space travel via unique frequencies emitted by psytrance. As ship Seven launched into the vast unknown, the enigmatic coordinates received from Planet X guided their trajectory. While no evidence had been found about the mysterious senders of the coordinates, suspicion was that it could only have been The Greys. Departing from Gaia, the crew embarked on a revolutionary expedition into the depths of space, aiming for habitable exoplanets beyond our Solar System. Their first destination: Proxima B, nestled within Alpha Centauri. The anticipation of encountering alien life sparked questions. What Mutations might arise during this pivotal encounter? The uncertainties loomed large, yet the crew pressed forward in pursuit of exploration and evolution. But they knew all too well, their mission was more than exploration; it carried a vital message—a beacon of hope and understanding for the survival of humanity amidst the mysteries of the cosmos.

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