The Moment
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Shinson - The Moment

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Artist: Shinson
Title: The Moment
Catalog: TT039
Released: 07.06.2024
Type: Single
Think Trance welcomes Celle, Germany based DJ/producer Jan Tafel aka SHINSON with his label debut THE MOMENT, a euphoric Trance Uplifter for now and later. On the rise since his first appearance in 2008 with an ever growing catalogue of releases, the talent keeps producing Trance tracks for all eternity. Check out his original productions as well as some stunning remixes that were released on labels such as Redux, OHM, Addictive Sounds, Practikal and many others.
1. Shinson – The Moment [Extended Mix] (06:37)
2. Shinson – The Moment [Radio Mix] (03:49)
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