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Tim Ziemer - Syzygy

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Artist: Tim Ziemer
Title: Syzygy
Label: TK Records
Catalog: TKR090
Released: 31.05.2024
Type: EP
Genre: Electronic, Techno
1. Tim Ziemer – Syzygy (05:51)
2. Tim Ziemer – Hensch (06:36)
3. Tim Ziemer – Depot 318 (05:45)

The latest TKR release by Tim Ziemer is an innovative combination of driving beats, hypnotic synths, and catchy melodies. With its layered arrangements and deep lyrics, Tim Ziemer takes listeners on an emotional journey. This release is a masterpiece of electronic music that pushes the boundaries of the genre while capturing the essence of Tim Ziemers unique style. Dive into the world of TKR and let yourself be enchanted by Tim Ziemer's latest work.

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