Sweet Melody
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Electronic Youth - Sweet Melody

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Title: Sweet Melody
Catalog: STR087
Released: 30.05.2024
Type: Single
'Sweet Melody,' crafted by Electronic Youth, harmonizes soulful vocals with enchanting melodic undertones, casting a spellbinding aura. Its production prowess intertwines seamlessly with the emotive lyricism, evoking a journey through pulsating beats and euphoric rhythms. With each note, the track unveils layers of intricate soundscapes, painting a vivid sonic tapestry that resonates with the depths of the soul. 'Sweet Melody' emerges as a testament to Electronic Youth's mastery, leaving listeners entranced in its mesmerizing embrace.
01. Sweet Melody (Extended Mix) [06:32]
02. Sweet Melody (Original Mix) [04:16]

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