Psychedelic Dreams
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Asoma - Psychedelic Dreams

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Artist: Asoma
Title: Psychedelic Dreams
Catalog: PWR479
Released: 04.06.2024
Type: EP
Dive into a world of imagination with 'Psychedelic Dreams' by ASOMA. Their fist release for our label invites you to explore the depths of consciousness and experience the vivid colors and shapes with 4 tracks in this EP Let 'Psychedelic Dreams' envelop you and transport to a realm where anything is possible.
01. Asoma - Brain Damage (Original Mix) [06:34]
02. Asoma - Old School Future (Original Mix) [08:20]
03. Asoma - Psychedelic Dreams (Original Mix) [08:41]
04. Asoma - Road to my Soul (Original Mix) [05:17]

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