Indigo / Thrones
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Ophanim - Indigo / Thrones

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Artist: Ophanim
Title: Indigo / Thrones
Label: Colorize
Catalog: ENCOLOR511E
Released: 05.06.2024
Type: EP
1. Ophanim – Indigo (03:14)
2. Ophanim – Thrones (03:40)
3. Ophanim – Indigo [Extended Mix] (05:15)
4. Ophanim – Thrones [Extended Mix] (05:27)

Colorize presents a sumptuous two-tracker from Ophanim - this is 'Indigo / Thrones'! Most recently gracing the scene on Colorscapes Volume Five, UK-based DJ and producer, Ophanim, returns to Colorize with two euphonic records. 'Indigo' brims with an irresistible air of optimism, its sensuous melodics and breezy beats fizzing to a spine-tingling finale of billowy synths and soothing auras. Meanwhile, 'Thrones' thrums into majestic life with Ophanim's uplifting rhythmic flow and motives melodies. Ophanim never fails to enlighten the senses. Hit play and let's go!

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