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Lorenzo Montanà - Serpe

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Title: Serpe
Released: 09.02.2015
Type: Album
Serpe", Lorenzo Montanà's second solo CD is once again a fascinating mixture of IDM/Glitch and Chill-Out/Ambient combining different styles and modern production techniques. The sound is fresh and unassimilated,futuristic and "80s" at the same time. Serpe's sound describes the true story of "la festa dei serpari". Each year, people from all over Italy descend upon the small mountain village of Cocullo. For la festa dei serpari, snakes are collected and wrapped around statues of St. Dominic in the hopes of being cured of various ailments. Afterwards, the snakes are returned to their natural habitat.

"Serpe" is Lorenzo's personal vision of these ritual events, describing the "spiritual" energy that provides inspiration to carry on this old tradition.
[3:25] 1. Lorenzo Montanà - Serpe
[6:06] 2. Lorenzo Montanà - Himehabu
[8:18] 3. Lorenzo Montanà - Elaps Harlequin
[6:55] 4. Lorenzo Montanà - Dugite
[7:40] 5. Lorenzo Montanà - Mamushi
[6:59] 6. Lorenzo Montanà - Agkistrodon
[5:36] 7. Lorenzo Montanà - Elaphe
[5:03] 8. Lorenzo Montanà - Habu
[5:17] 9. Lorenzo Montanà - Acrochordidae
[6:33] 10. Lorenzo Montanà - Demansia

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