Daybreak / Stay
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w.ill - Daybreak / Stay

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Artist: w.ill
Title: Daybreak / Stay
Catalog: ENCHILL110E
Released: 05.06.2024
Type: EP
1. w.ill – Daybreak [Extended Mix] (04:54)
2. w.ill – Stay [Extended Mix] (04:52)

'Daybreak / Stay' is the new EP from w.ill! We're graced with a standout two-track EP this week on Enhanced Chill from L.A.-based producer / songwriter w.ill, who's previous outing on the label was alongside Luden on the superb 'Free'. He builds up both productions around radiant piano progressions, folding in sophisticated vocal chops with a graceful touch. Pristine lead synths are the icing on the cake as w.ill creates a wistful and nostalgic collage of sounds across these two brilliant records.

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