Limitless Energy
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Arnova - Limitless Energy

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Artist: Arnova
Title: Limitless Energy
Label: Enterrec
Catalog: ENT076
Released: 06.06.2024
Type: EP
ARNOVA is back to present his first E.P. 'LIMITLESS ENERGY'. The artist who made Enterrec's first No1 single release in January 2024 brings us two super energetic tracks that are all about the power of music and energy. 'Limitless Energy' is all about letting loose and feeling the power that is inside you. With fast beats and cool rhythms, this track makes you want to dance and go wild. 'Ethereal Pulse' shows how we can combine our energies to create something amazing and out of this world. It has dreamy melodies and strong basslines that make you feel like you're on an epic adventure like never before.
01. Limitless Energy (Original Mix) [07:20]
02. Ethereal Pulse (Original Mix) [07:53]

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