Time For Heroes
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Sunbeam - Time For Heroes

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Artist: Sunbeam
Title: Time For Heroes
Catalog: WRR041
Released: 13.03.2012
Type: Single
After having made two of WRRs best selling tracks to date (the remix of Lessovs "November" and their original "Summer Breeze") the duo Sunbeam is now back!

This time with their single "Time For Heroes" and joining in on remix duty is debut artists Erik Iker and Sreyas Krishnan.

Get ready for what is to become (or already is?) the "Sunbeam sound". "Time For Heroes" is an epic adventure with emotional melodies and a track that has this sense of meaningfulness to it. We're guessing Sunbeam has put a lot of feelings into this one and you can tell by listening..

Erik Iker does a great job taking "Time For Heroes" into a new perspective and Sreyas Krishnan twists, turns and pushes this piece down, down deep below the surface.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

1. Time for Heroes (Original Mix)
2. Time for Heroes (Erik Iker Remix)
3. Time for Heroes (Sreyas Krishnan Remix)

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