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Loscil - Umbel

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Artist: Loscil
Title: Umbel
Label: Loscil
Released: 31.05.2024
Type: Album
1. Shadow Maple 08:00
2. Umbel 06:37
3. Kamouraska 06:34
4. Dusk Gale 07:36
5. Cyme 07:25

Umbel is the third in a series of photo/music projects by Scott Morgan, aka loscil. Presented as a photo zine in tandem with an album of music (CD & digital), Umbel follows previous offerings Faults, Coasts, Lines and Lux: Refractions, combining photography and long form electronic music. Umbel, the zine, collects a series of full colour photos taken in the dwindling light of dusk under a blossoming maple tree. Long exposures capture painted light and a shadowy canopy under a dimming sky. The images are gestural and murky - light layered and smeared - innocuous moments of time revealing hidden noise, shadows and depth. The music is similarly removed from real time. Synthesized passages are looped, layered and repeated, feeding back into themselves to form a contracting density.

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