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Crisologo - Candela

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Artist: Crisologo
Title: Candela
Catalog: MBR593
Released: 07.06.2024
Type: Single
1. Crisologo – Candela (05:58)

In his upcoming single, Crisologo delivers a sensual sonic journey that captures the essence of feeling through the resurgence of love. "Candela" seamlessly blends groovy rhythms with immersive natural sounds, crafting an intricate soundscape that is both grounding and ethereal. Its hypnotic electronic undulations add a mesmerizing depth, enhanced by sultry Spanish vocals that draw listeners deeper into its emotive narrative and poignant melodies. As it unfolds, "Candela" ignites a steadfast flame of hope, shining brilliantly through the dark, sustained by deep emotional resonance. A beacon through uncertainty, "Candela" echoes the curative power of dance, radiating a luminous synergy between heart and body, spirit and rhythm. Words by Marie J Floro. Artwork by Rachael D'Alessandro. Executive Producer Mimmo Falcone. Distribution by Muting The Noise.

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