August 6 EP
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Overloque - August 6 EP

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Artist: Overloque
Title: August 6 EP
Catalog: WRR043
Released: 27.03.2012
Type: EP
It's time for WRR to go a little deeper than the usual.

Debut artist Overloque will do just that. With his "August 6 EP" Overloque will cover the emotional side with the first track "August 6", the dark and underground side with "Don't Give Up" and then deep, deep side with "Voice of the Sea".
"August 6 EP" makes the WRR catalogue even broader and more versatile and we know that anyone can find something in there that they will like.
So sit back, relax and enjoy this fine piece of music.

1. August 6 (Original Mix)
2. Don't Give Up (Original Mix)
3. Voice Of The Sea (Original Mix)
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