Lax / Pandemonium EP
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Mehdi Dressy - Lax / Pandemonium EP

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Artist: Mehdi Dressy
Title: Lax / Pandemonium EP
Catalog: WRRS003
Released: 03.04.2012
Type: EP
It's been quite a while since the last "S"-release and it's time to see what this one brings to the roster that is so special.

Debut artist Mehdi Dressy takes WRR by storm on this one, no doubt about it. This is nothing you've ever heard before that previously has been released by WRR. So different, so special.

"LAX" is a raw club stomper track that will blow your speakers away. LAX comes with a drop that will make your pants fall off, simply put. You just have to listen to experience it.
"Pandemonium" being a tad more softer with a melodic build but still a heavy drop that will make any hardcore audience to go nuts.

Watch out for Mehdi Dressy in the future is all we have to say..

1. Lax (Original Mix)
2. Pandemonium (Original Mix)
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