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Bigitam - Wired

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Artist: Bigitam
Title: Wired
Catalog: COMET034
Released: 07.06.2024
Type: Single
Wired synths intertwine, crafting an auditory tapestry transcending reality. "Wired" by "Bigitam" beckons into a kaleidoscopic realm, defying boundaries with relentless psychedelic trance energy. Hypnotic synthesized melodies weave a cosmic web, each note transcending reality's tapestry. The thunderous bassline resonates deep within, rhythmic patterns beckoning surrender. Ethereal pads and wired synths transport to dreamlike realms blurring imagination and reality. Amidst cosmic chaos, a guiding force propels relentless momentum through intricate arrangements. As euphoria crescendos, senses heighten, and spirits soar - a transcendental journey shattering perceptual boundaries, revealing psychedelic trance's essence.
01. Bigitam - Wired (Original Mix) [07:44]

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