Flower Pain
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Matteo Vitanza - Flower Pain

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Artist: Matteo Vitanza
Title: Flower Pain
Catalog: CODEX248
Released: 07.06.2024
Type: Single
Genre: Electronic, Techno
1. Matteo Vitanza – Flower Pain (06:19)

Matteo Vitanza to Unleash Sonic Brilliance with "Flower Pain" on CODEX Recordings Prepare for an electrifying sonic journey as Matteo Vitanza unveils his latest masterpiece, "Flower Pain," slated for release on June the 7th under the esteemed CODEX Recordings banner. "Flower Pain" is a tour de force of techno prowess, showcasing Matteo Vitanza's unparalleled skill and artistic vision. From the first pulsating beat to the final crescendo, the track commands attention with its relentless energy and hypnotic rhythms, transporting listeners to the heart of the dancefloor. With "Flower Pain," Matteo Vitanza explores the depths of sonic expression, weaving together intricate layers of sound to create a sonic tapestry that is at once captivating and exhilarating. The track's driving basslines, pulsating synths, and atmospheric flourishes combine to form an immersive sonic experience that defies convention and pushes the boundaries of electronic music.

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