Don't Give Up (Grafix Remix)
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Chicane & Bryan Adams - Don't Give Up (Grafix Remix)

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Artist: Chicane, Bryan Adams
Title: Don't Give Up (Grafix Remix)
Label: Armada Music
Catalog: ARMAS2793
Released: 07.06.2024
Type: Single
Putting his hand to one of the most successful releases of British electronic music legend Chicane, drum 'n bass power player Grafix forcefully revitalizes the U.K. #1 single 'Don't Give Up'. Fusing the conspicuous vocals of Canadian superstar Bryan Adams with punch-packing drums, electronic synth lines and raucous bass blasts, this modernized hit can make any festival crowd double down on their ceaseless roaring.
01. Chicane feat. Bryan Adams - Don't Give Up (Grafix Extended Remix) [03:24]

7 Jun 2024 в 23:19
Сегодня днём только вспоминал Bryan Adamsа с Chicanеом, только не эту песню, а другую, Cloud №9
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