AI Have A Dream
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Bogdan Vix - AI Have A Dream

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Artist: Bogdan Vix
Title: AI Have A Dream
Label: Armind
Catalog: ARMD1774
Released: 07.06.2024
Type: Single
Genre: Electronic, Techno
A heavy favorite at A State of Trance 2024 during Armin van Buuren and HI-LO's acclaimed back-to-back set, Bogdan Vix's new offering on Armind is as destructive as it is futuristic. Headed up by smacking kick drums, pounding bass, feisty synths and an artificial vocal of a foreboding nature, 'AI Have A Dream' is the next step in sonic evolution.
01. Bogdan Vix - AI Have A Dream (Extended Mix) [04:37]

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