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Helvetic Nerds - Reflections

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Artist: Helvetic Nerds
Title: Reflections
Catalog: ETR747BP
Released: 21.06.2024
Type: Single
1. Helvetic Nerds – Reflections (03:56)
2. Helvetic Nerds – Reflections [Extended Mix] (06:26)

This hard hitting main-hour theme comes from the combined forces of the HELVETIC NERDS. Whoever from the Helvetic Nerds is having a break from touring usually contributes with music to this project and makes sure to deliver music that is targeted mainly to entertain the crowd back on tour and being a great DJ-tool but also being a perfect playlist addition for all fans of melodic and progressive house music. The latest musical offering goes by the name of REFLECTIONS and is an awesome example of what modern melodic and progressive house music has to sound like. Tested in the DJ-sets of all our Helvetic Nerds members throughout the past months, this is track has stood the test of time and is ready to rock your audience as well.

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