Opioids Nights
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Mascalito - Opioids Nights

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Artist: Mascalito
Title: Opioids Nights
Catalog: BSMEP0047
Released: 07.06.2024
Type: EP
Mascalito returns with his new EP, "Opioid Nights," featuring four powerful and well-crafted tracks. This release blends serious psychedelics with melancholic undertones, while still delivering funky and fun vibes. It breaks conventions, mixing emotional depth with intense tension and cathartic peaks. As always, Mascalito infuses his music with his signature drive and top-notch production.The EP was written during a challenging period for Alon, following a major surgery and a four-month recovery on opioids, which inspired the title "Opioid Nights." The third track, "Thanks Bro," is a heartfelt dedication to the memory of his friend Bar Shechter, also known as "Syloopo". According to Alon, Bar's influence was a significant muse for this track before his untimely passing. This EP exemplifies Mascalito's unique sound signature and boundless creativity.
01. Dreamy Nights (Original mix) [07:04]
02. Opiods Nights (Original mix) [07:58]
03. Thanks Bro Syloopo Forever in our hearts (Original mix) [06:55]
04. Freak (Original mix) [06:28]

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