Swim In Memories
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Presia & Roo (JO) - Swim In Memories

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Artist: Presia, Roo (JO)
Title: Swim In Memories
Catalog: XYZ080A
Released: 07.06.2024
Type: EP
1. Presia & Roo (JO) – Swim In Memories [Extended Mix] (06:10)
2. Presia – Cut feat. Gigi Noiram [Extended Mix] (06:01)
3. Presia & Roo (JO) – Until It Breaks [Extended Mix] (05:54)
4. Presia – Guelai [Extended Mix] (05:13)
5. Presia & Roo (JO) – Swim In Memories [Extended Instrumental Mix] (06:10)
6. Presia – Guelai [Extended Instrumental Mix] (05:13)

When We Dip XYZ presents the 'Swim In Memories' EP from producers Presia and Roo. Presia has released on respected imprints such as Isolate, microCastle & Moodmusic, crafting high-quality cuts under his very own 'Grunge House' sub-genre. Roo stormed the scene recently with a collaboration on Samer Soltan's Sanctuary Music, which was remixed by Marcus Worgull. He's also brought some of the most interesting artists in the scene to his hometown of Amman, Jordan, under the Vudu and U Roof brands. On the eponymous 'Swim In Memories', subtle chords match the soothing vocals from Presia speaking of healing one's soul through calming the mind. The arp and horn-like pluck rise in intensity as they lead the way through the electronic ballad. 'Cut' showcases a sharp jump in energy as ethereal vocal chops and the 'Cut' ad-lib rest on a sharp snare and bulky kick. The table is set for Presia who delivers a spirited guitar solo straight from the hip. 'Until It Breaks' conveys a melancholic feel as the breakbeat groove and saturated bass is complemented by the evolving pads, arps and textures. On the final track, the post-rock induced 'Guelai', a robotic voice narrates its poetry through the industrial textures, watery glitches and risers.
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