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Woo York & Mark Tarmonea - Feeling

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Title: Feeling
Catalog: WGDIG042D
Released: 07.06.2024
Type: Single
Woo York, the dynamic duo renowned for their masterful fusion of techno and electronica, are set to make a return to Watergate Records with their latest offering, 'Feeling', featuring Romanian born Mark Tarmonea on vocals. With a voice that defies easy categorization, Tarmonea brings a soulful warmth and emotional authenticity to his performances that perfectly complement Woo York's atmospheric productions. As Woo York continues to evolve and innovate, pushing the boundaries of electronic music and expanding the possibilities of sound, one thing remains constant: their unwavering commitment to artistic integrity and sonic excellence. With each new release, each new collaboration, they invite listeners to join them on a journey of discovery and exploration, where the only limit is the bounds of imagination
[5:14] 01. Woo York & Mark Tarmonea - Feeling
[5:23] 02. Woo York - Feeling (Instrumental)

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