Twisted Voices (Afro Mix)
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LAXOM - Twisted Voices (Afro Mix)

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Artist: LAXOM
Title: Twisted Voices (Afro Mix)
Catalog: PSB350X
Released: 21.06.2024
Type: Single
Genre: Electronic, House
1. LAXOM – Twisted Voices [Extended Afro Mix] (04:17)

Introducing the latest from upcoming producer LAXOM, dive into the vibrant rhythms of "Twisted Voices (Afro Mix)," a fresh take on the original "Twisted Voices." Embark on a sonic journey filled with rich Afrobeat elements and captivating grooves that redefine electronic music. With its innovative blend and infectious energy, this track highlights LAXOM's exceptional talent and promises an exhilarating auditory experience for all listeners.

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