prima sort
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Praecox - prima sort

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Artist: Praecox
Title: prima sort
Catalog: TRP049
Released: 10.06.2024
Type: Album
1. Praecox – minigram (07:32)
2. Praecox – forma zimna (07:59)
3. Praecox – labo chem (07:56)
4. Praecox – para buch (05:42)
5. Praecox – prima sort (06:31)
6. Praecox – animozja (06:19)
7. Praecox – gumoleum (07:10)


“prima sort” is the classiest psy-trance ep that at times mimics the house groove but also comfortably sits in a techno set. some tracks are new and some were previously released but they sounds so fresh and timeless that you couldn’t tell. this is a kind of record that will stay in your bag for many years to come to only grow on you even more with each listen!

jurek przeździecki has a highly unique approach to music and drawing inspiration from the best, classic traditions in psy-trance and techno. his music exudes authenticity and respect for the roots of techno, reminiscent of a time when techno was more about the music than just the tempo.

jurek's creative process is exceptionally organic and genuine. his tracks emerge from improvisation, meaning each piece is fresh and unique, reflecting his personal state of mind and emotions at the moment of creation. he records long segments, which he then meticulously arranges into specific compositions.

this method of working makes his music not only eclectic but also deeply personal: each track is a kind of musical sketch that has been carefully developed into a full arrangement. the result is music that is both spontaneous and well-composed, a rarity in today's techno scene. he combines tradition with modernity, capturing both the history of techno and his personal interpretation of the genre.

jurek przeździecki is a warsaw-based electronic music producer raised in the 90s, influenced by new-beat and postindustrial legends such as spk or psychic tv.

for over two decades he has balanced on conventional genres of techno and psy-trance and throughout the years polished his own original, musical language whilst developping his own vision of uncompromised and refined electronics.

as praecox, he conquered the psy-trance scene in the 90s by introducing industrial sounds and references to metal music into this genre. he is a co-founder of the legendary group bigwigs, with which he has toured nearly the entire globe.

this groundbreaking musical project has permanently marked the history of psy-trance music as a radical revolution that shattered all cultural norms.

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