Maldives EP
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Wayward Brothers - Maldives EP

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Title: Maldives EP
Catalog: WRR045
Released: 17.04.2012
Type: EP
Relaxed, warm & breezy are some of the words to describe this next release of ours.
It's time for the Wayward Brothers to make an apperance with their EP "Maldives".
The title track with the same name delivers exactly what you'd expect from the title, "Maldives".
A smooth ride with some nice moving chords and a drifty atmosphere.
We turn the clock ahead a couple of hours and get ready for the second track of the EP, "Sunset near the sea".
Organ chords drive this melodic piece straight into the sun, gentle and steady. A very smooth track all the way through!
Enjoy this fine EP by the Wayward Brothers!

1. Maldives (Original Mix)
2. Sunset by the Sea (Original Mix)
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