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Ado (Col) - Embrujos

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Artist: Ado (Col)
Title: Embrujos
Catalog: R3UD067
Released: 10.06.2024
Type: EP
Genre: Electronic, Techno
1. Ado (Col) – Morgana (06:10)
2. Ado (Col) – Embrujos (06:20)
3. Ado (Col) – Jorbiink (06:11)
4. Ado (Col) – Olimus (06:45)

Ado (Col) Colombian DJ from the city of Pereira, from a very young age he was interested in the electronic sound of the time and in 1999 he decided to fully enter the DJ world. Currently Ado dedicates much of his time to music production and has released work for some respected underground labels of the scene such as CMND CTRL, Acid For Rats, among many others. 

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