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Julien Vertigo - Eclectica

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Artist: Julien Vertigo
Title: Eclectica
Catalog: ENV272BP
Released: 24.06.2024
Type: EP
1. Julien Vertigo – Eclectica (03:56)
2. Julien Vertigo – Esoteria (03:30)
3. Julien Vertigo – Ephemeria Astral (03:34)
4. Julien Vertigo – Eclectica [Extended Mix] (06:35)
5. Julien Vertigo – Esoteria [Extended Mix] (06:22)
6. Julien Vertigo – Ephemeria Astral [Extended Mix] (05:23)

Julien Vertigo returns with his profound melodic journey, the 'Eclectica' EP, comprising three tracks of sonic exploration. With a unique approach to melodic house, Julien crafts rich analog soundscapes that envelop listeners in a captivating journey of sound. Standing out in a crowded field is no easy feat, yet Julien achieves it effortlessly, remaining true to his unique vision of taking listeners on an unforgettable journey. With recent success propelling his music onto the global stage and earning support from notable artists like Fideles, Henri Bergmann, Lauren Mia, and many more, this EP is more than just three tracks—it's an entire universe of sonic exploration that must not be missed.

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