Important Small Details
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David Cordero - Important Small Details

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Artist: David Cordero
Title: Important Small Details
Label: Home Normal
Released: 07.06.2024
Type: Album
1. Jana's Bedtime Song 03:19
2. West Wind 03:17
3 .Life at Times 03:14
4. Voice of the Forest 03:51
5. Wet Paper 01:58
6. My Neighbours the Seagulls 02:09
7. Empty Little Garden 02:22
8. Tides 04:53
9. From the Shadows 02:36
10. At Home Again 06:48

As we mark our fifteenth year of existence, we couldn't wish for a more perfect album that reflects our desire to release 'organic ambient music' as we stated all those years ago as in David Cordero's latest masterpiece. Remarkably it has been eight years since his solo debut 'El Rumor del Oleaje' was released on Home Normal, followed by 2021's 'Lambda: {λ}'. Met with critical acclaim, these sold out in record time as awareness of David's immense talent is finally being recognised.
'Important Small Details' in name and sound truly marks what Home Normal has always been about in its magical melodic structures, timelessness and vibrant sense of memory. Indeed it is the sound of something seemingly heard years ago in more innocent times that rings true despite ourselves, piercing the tired nature of these hurried and confusing modern times.
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