Day We Met EP
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M&D Substance - Day We Met EP

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Artist: M&D Substance
Title: Day We Met EP
Catalog: WRR050
Released: 22.05.2012
Type: EP
Time to make room for a huge EP!
M&D Substance makes his debut appearance on WRR with his EP "Day We Met".
Here you'll pretty much hear everything that the great genre of progressive house has to offer. From the melodic and emotional "Day We Met" & "Let It Be" to the grinding and heavy "Weakness" to the mysterious "We Are All As One" & "If I Were There".
Also included in the release are two radio edits of "Weakness" & "We Are All As One".

1. Day We Met (Original Mix)
2. Weakness (Original Mix)
3. We Are All As One (Original Mix)
4. Let It Be (Original Mix)
5. If I Were There (Original Mix)
6. Weakness (Radio Edit)
7. We Are All As One (Radio Edit)
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