White Sand EP
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Blue Harvest - White Sand EP

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Artist: Blue Harvest
Title: White Sand EP
Catalog: WRR059
Released: 31.07.2012
Type: EP
It's time for the rising duo Blue Harvest to make their debut release on WRR!
With some stunning releases previously on Neuroscience and Alter Ego we knew we could expect great things from this release. And we were not disappointed.
The title track "White Sand" is some what of a masterpiece. The drive in this track is incredible and the chords together with the atmosphere is just amazing. This is pretty much as good as it gets when it comes to melodic progressive house. Stunning!
Second track is a more laid back groovy kind of track. Great arrangement combined with some sweet chords and plucky sounds makes this the perfect afternoon chill tune.
"Morning Snow" is a special tune which we can tell has a lot of emotion to it. Having almost no drums in it this is the most soft track on the EP, just letting the music talk for itself. This would fit perfect for opening a mixtape or a set for sure.
The White Sand EP comes with a remix as well. This one done by one half of the Blue Harvest duo, Brandon Doucet.
Brandon transforms this already epic piece into a tad more heavier and more crunchier than before. Peak point for us personally is the lovely drop after the two and a half minute long break. You'll definitely find yourself bobbing your head, we promise!

1. Blue Harvest & Simon Plant - White Sand (Original Mix)
2. Blue Harvest - Windmill Hill (Original Mix)
3. Blue Harvest - Morning Snow (Original Mix)
4. Blue Harvest & Simon Plant - White Sand (Brandon Doucet Remix)

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