Through Autistic Eyes
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Passenger 10 - Through Autistic Eyes

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Artist: Passenger 10
Title: Through Autistic Eyes
Catalog: ETR747BP
Released: 05.07.2024
Type: Single
1. Through Autistic Eyes (Original Mix) (04:07)
2. Through Autistic Eyes (Extended Mix) (07:34)

The life through autistic eyes can be much harder and much more complex than someone else's life.
When discussing differences between autistic people and neurotypical (non-autistic) people, it's essential to approach the topic with sensitivity and an understanding that diversity in human experience is natural and valuable.

Understanding and valuing the differences between autistic and neurotypical people helps foster a more inclusive society. By appreciating the unique strengths and addressing the specific challenges of each individual, we can create environments that support everyone’s well-being and potential.

This is PASSENGER 10, who always sits on the aisle, regulates his wake day-life by creating music and is hoping to make up for a weird social behavior by earning recognition for his wider musical work from exactly that kind of people he struggles so deeply to socialize and interact with.

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Красивенько, но чего-то не хватает. а так, очередной летний хаусец, для девочек в бассейне. но без изюминки
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