Ignition / Sohigh
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OIO - Ignition / Sohigh

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Artist: OIO
Title: Ignition / Sohigh
Catalog: ENV275BP
Released: 08.07.2024
Type: EP
1. Ignition (Original Mix) (03:28)
2. Ignition (Extended Mix) (05:15)
3. Sohigh (Original Mix) (03:44)
4. Sohigh (Extended Mix) (04:47)

OIO makes a return to Enormous Vision with an EP "Ignition" - a refined approach to melodic house. His unique artistry transforms every EP into a captivating musical journey. Remaining true to his signature sound, OIO delves into eclectic motifs. With previous support from BBC Radio 1, CamelPhat, Nora En Pure, and many others, OIO's music is truly a gem.

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