Lonely Nights
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Tom Nucleus - Lonely Nights

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Artist: Tom Nucleus
Title: Lonely Nights
Catalog: WRR068
Released: 09.10.2012
Type: Single
WRR proudly presents Tom Nucleus to join the ever growing roster! Tom delivers a future classic with "Lonely Nights", a melodic bouncy track with club influences. Filled with melodies, great chords and as the always important emotion "Lonely Nights" is definitely worth watching out for.
On remix duty we've brought in Sedi, Mindset, Andrey Subbotin & Mykleby. Sedi's remix is the adventurous and exploring one, Mindset's is the more underground and heavy one, Andrey Subbotin's is the bouncy progressive one and last but certainly not least Mykleby's is the piano driven clubby one.

1. Lonely Nights (Original Mix)
2. Lonely Nights (Sedi Remix)
3. Lonely Nights (Mindset's Street Light Remix)
4. Lonely Nights (Andrey Subbotin Remix)
5. Lonely Nights (Mykleby Remix)

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