Running Upwards EP
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Albin Engholm & Andre - Running Upwards EP

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Artist: Albin Engholm, Andre
Title: Running Upwards EP
Catalog: WRR069
Released: 16.10.2012
Type: EP
WRR proudly presents Swedish youngster Engholm! Engholms debut EP is called "Running Upwards" and features two tracks. The title track "Running Upwards" features vocalist Andre and the second track is called "White Lies".
Running Upwards is a strong club track with big room influences that is best suited playing when you want the club to start to feel the groove of the night. A bouncy piece with great vocals by Andre!
First up to remix the title track is Steven Cole who pushes it a couple of hours further into the night. This one is best suited at the very peak of the evening, a definite club banger!
Second up we have debut remixer D&Z on who turns this club banger into a pre party beach track with a vibe that won't leave anyone alone.
Third up is our recent golden boy Intrinity who delivers something for the WRR fans. Intrinity transforms this one into a smooth laid back progressive piece.
The second original on this track is "White Lies" where Engholm once again experiments with the club sound and gives us this great melodic journey of a track.

Hope you really enjoy this EP!

1. Running Upwards (Original Mix)
2. Running Upwards (Steven Cole Remix)
3. Running Upwards (D&Z Remix)
4. Running Upwards (Intrinity Remix)
5. White Lies (Original Mix)
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