Messed Up
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Unit 7 - Messed Up

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Artist: Unit 7
Title: Messed Up
Catalog: OOTD082
Released: 28.06.2024
Type: EP
01. Messed Up 8:03
02. Messed Up (Der Sebo Remix) 7:14
03. Messed Up (Moyaura Remix) 8:03
Unit 7, an exciting act from the United Kingdom, is set to release a new EP titled "Messed Up" under the One Of Those Days label. This Melodic House EP showcases Unit 7's dynamic sound and features three tracks that delve deep into the genre's emotive and rhythmic landscapes. The title track, "Messed Up," anchors the EP with its captivating Original Mix, offering a compelling blend of melody and groove. The EP also includes two distinct remixes that bring fresh interpretations to the original. Der Sebo, hailing from Berlin, Germany, infuses his remix with a unique energy, while Moyaura from St. Petersburg, Russia, adds a layer of depth and intrigue with his version. One Of Those Days is proud to present "Messed Up" by Unit 7, a testament to the diverse and innovative spirit of Melodic House music. To explore more releases and stay updated, visit

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