Goodbye My Angel EP
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Alex M.I.F. - Goodbye My Angel EP

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Artist: Alex M.I.F.
Title: Goodbye My Angel EP
Catalog: WRR076
Released: 05.03.2013
Type: EP
WRR proudly present Alex M.I.F. to the label and his debut EP "Goodbye My Angel".
Alex's deep house release is a first for WRR (if we count Overloques releases as minimal house, which we do) and we couldn't be more thrilled about this!

The title track "Goodbye My Angel" will take you on a sort of underwater journey with plucky melodies and a thumping smooth bass and kick.
The b side "Your Train Is Gone" flirts with the dark side more then the previous one and has a more mysterious tone to it. Alex manages to deliver another great track and will definitely set the bar high for the rest to come with this EP.

1. Goodbye My Angel (Original Mix)
2. Your Train Is Gone (Original Mix)
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