Feel Alive
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Eugenio Tokarev & Bruno Oloviani - Feel Alive

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Title: Feel Alive
Catalog: ENPROG595E
Released: 05.07.2024
Type: Single
1. Feel Alive (03:19)
2. Feel Alive [Extended Mix] (06:19)

Eugenio Tokarev & Bruno Oloviani join forces for 'Feel Alive'! It's a whirlwind release week as Eugenio Tokarev & Bruno Oloviani unveil the follow-up to their prog house banger, 'Resurfaced', released earlier this year on Enhanced Progressive. Pulses will race as 'Feel Alive' injects its epic rhythms and luxurious melodies. Kaleidoscopic arps set the tone - sheer awe - before blissful pads and a soaring vocal tee-up the monumental climax, all fast turns, drops and spellbinding synth flourishes. We're breathless! Eugenio and Bruno strike gold again.

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