Midnight Rhythm
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Rodrigo Pochelu - Midnight Rhythm

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Artist: Rodrigo Pochelu
Title: Midnight Rhythm
Label: AH Digital
Catalog: AHD409
Released: 05.07.2024
Type: Single
Rodrigo Pochelu has just unveiled his latest release, "Midnight Rhythm," on AH Digital, delivering a captivating blend of deep and progressive house. The original title track sets a mesmerizing tone with its intricate rhythms and atmospheric melodies, showcasing Pochelu's signature sound. Complementing this standout track are three exceptional remixes by Kris Dur, Hassan Maroofi, and Miguel Ante. Kris Dur infuses his remix with dynamic energy and a driving beat, while Hassan Maroofi offers a deeper and uplifting take. Miguel Ante rounds out the release with a remix that balances melodic elements and a pulsating groove.
01. Midnight Rhythm (Original Mix) [07:16]
02. Midnight Rhythm (Kris Dur Remix) [07:00]
03. Midnight Rhythm (Hassan Maroofi Remix) [07:52]
04. Midnight Rhythm (Miguel Ante Remix) [07:32]

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