Koteba / Murungu
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Matur - Koteba / Murungu

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Artist: Matur
Title: Koteba / Murungu
Label: Phagamast
Catalog: PHG010
Released: 05.07.2024
Type: EP
1. Matur – Koteba (07:36)
2. Matur – Murungu (07:08)

Matur, as always, likes to experiment and create something new, from which he gets inspiration. This time Matur presents two tracks in Afro Organic House style. Both tracks are written with African vocals. The track Koteba is more about groove, drums, looped samples and male vocals that give charm and aesthetics. Murungu's track is more about feelings. The track features a very emotional piano, which is typical of afro and amapiano style. You can also hear a small violin part and of course unrivaled female vocals of Sofia Nzau, who is already known to everyone

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