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John Cosani - Drooping

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Artist: John Cosani
Title: Drooping
Label: Sudbeat Music
Catalog: SB253
Released: 05.07.2024
Type: EP
1. Drooping (Original Mix) (06:33)
2. It Doesn't (Original Mix) (08:30)
3. Donga (Original Mix) (06:50)

John Cosani returns to the label with three new tracks. Highly regarded among his peers, the Argentinian DJ/producer has continued to gather pace with stand out tracks for Tale & Tone, Timeless Moment and Warung Recordings. Known for his silky smooth DJ sets, John has soundtracked parties all over the globe. Opening with 'Drooping', Cosani wastes no time getting into the groove. Supremely funky, the shaker-led percussion and rubbery bass are a match made in heaven punctuated only by the swarm-like synths that ebb and flow. Reaching fever pitch in the main break, the second section is a maelstrom of energy and airy sonics. Perfect peak time beats. 'It Doesn't' keeps the pace up with an uptempo vibe that sets the stage for some firework melodics. Mutating into a monster groove over the first few minutes, melodics add new textures and energy in the mid-section. Serving as a calm oasis, the main break strips back the elements before the final half powers from the blocks. Finally, 'Donga' rounds out the pack in style. Never too tough, never too trancey, it grooves along piquing interest with its ebbs and flows. A secret weapon for the summer months

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