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Fireblast - Feelings

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Artist: Fireblast
Title: Feelings
Label: Axiom Music
Catalog: AXIOM0027
Released: 05.07.2024
Type: Single
1. Fireblast – Feelings (05:33)
2. Fireblast – Feelings [Dub Mix] (05:33)
3. Fireblast – Feelings [Dub and Backs Mix] (05:33)

Fireblast Unveils "Feelings" on July 5th via Axiom Progressive house enthusiasts are in for a treat as Fireblast prepares to release his latest track, "Feelings," on July 5th. This anticipated release under the Axiom label promises to captivate listeners with its emotive melodies and driving beats. "Feelings" is a masterful blend of lush soundscapes and rhythmic intensity, showcasing Fireblast's signature style and production prowess. The track takes listeners on a journey through deep emotional layers, creating an immersive auditory experience that resonates on a profound level. Fireblast is known for his unique approach to progressive house, combining elements of melody and rhythm to create tracks that are both powerful and evocative. His music often explores themes of emotion and connection, making him a standout artist in the genre.

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