Breathe Again
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Morgin Madison & Linney - Breathe Again

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Title: Breathe Again
Catalog: ENHANCED619E
Released: 05.07.2024
Type: Single
1. Breathe Again [Extended Mix] (05:27)

Morgin Madison links up with Linney for 'Breathe Again'! The fifth and final single from Morgin Madison's forthcoming album arrives with a bang! The Idaho-based producer has been on a tear, lighting up the prog house world with an unrelenting series of impeccably-crafted offerings. On 'Breathe Again' he is joined by previous collaborator, artist / songwriter Linney, and they prove to be the most dynamic of duos. Madison blends together hefty, thunderous beats and bristling synth melodies, all of which intertwine with Linney's sparkling vocals to great effect. Stay tuned as Morgin Madison continues to exhilarate, here on Enhanced.

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