Transcend Consciousness
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District Solaris & Wolfboy - Transcend Consciousness

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Title: Transcend Consciousness
Catalog: MAHD0240
Released: 05.07.2024
Type: Single
Prepare to be swept away by a seismic fusion of talent as Maharetta Records proudly presents a groundbreaking collaboration from two titans of the USA psytrance scene. District Solaris and Wolfboy join forces to unleash a sonic juggernaut that will ignite dancefloors across the globe. "Transcend Consciousness" emerges as a sonic tour de force, promising an electrifying journey that will leave you spellbound. With its pulsating rhythms and ethereal melodies, this mind-altering track is poised to elevate your consciousness to new heights. Surrender to the hypnotic groove and unleash your inner wild as you succumb to the irresistible pull of "Transcend Consciousness."
01. District Solaris & Wolfboy - Transcend Consciousness (Original Mix) [06:20]

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