Alles Paletti 24
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Enzo Elia - Alles Paletti 24

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Artist: Enzo Elia
Title: Alles Paletti 24
Label: Buttress
Catalog: BUTS53
Released: 05.07.2024
Type: Single
1. Enzo Elia – Alles Paletti 24 (05:56)
2. Enzo Elia – Alles Paletti [Dj Rocca Remix] (06:41)

Alles Paletti 24 is a fresh edit of Enzo Elia's eponymous track, featured on his album released on Black Pearl Records in 2020. The release is further enhanced with a remix by the legendary DJ Rocca, offering a reinterpretation of the track with an "Acid Boogie" twist.

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