Bella Ciao
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KÖNI & Seba Campos - Bella Ciao

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Artist: KÖNI, Seba Campos
Title: Bella Ciao
Label: Pipe & Pochet
Catalog: PAP079
Released: 05.07.2024
Type: Single
1. Bella Ciao [Extended Mix] (05:32)
2. Bella Ciao [Smooth Extended Mix] (06:32)

KÖNI, an Italian-Albanian artist based in Switzerland, and Seba Campos, a Chilean DJ also residing in Switzerland, join forces to breathe new life into the famous resistance anthem "Bella Ciao." Originally sung by the mondine - seasonal workers in the rice fields of Lombardy and Piedmont - and later adopted by the Italian partisans, fighters of the Resistance against the fascist regime and Nazi occupation during World War II, this song represents a universal symbol of struggle and freedom. KÖNI's downtempo reinterpretation fully reflects his organic and sophisticated sounds, creating an ideal atmosphere for deep and introspective listening. His approach not only enriches the sonorities of the song but also invites listeners to immerse themselves in the history and spirit of resistance encapsulated in every note. Furthermore, KÖNI wanted to bring the song to a wider audience by readapting it and having it sung in Spanish. Seba Campos, with his dynamic and fluent touch, injects energy into the composition, giving life to a faster and more rhythmic version. However, his interpretation maintains the sophistication of the original song, creating a soundscape on which to dance with the camaraderie of those who recognize and appreciate the value of freedom. Despite their differences, the two versions complement each other in a magnificent play of light and shadow, celebrating music's ability to unite cultures and generations. KÖNI and Seba Campos demonstrate how music can be a bridge between past and present, between reflection and action.
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