Buga Remix
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TeeFamous & Bleu Zenith - Buga Remix

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Title: Buga Remix
Catalog: MBR597
Released: 05.07.2024
Type: Single
1. Bleu Zenith & TeeFamous – Buga Remix [Extended] (05:30)

Bleu Zenith's forthcoming reinterpretation of TeeFamous' "Buga" transforms the original into a vibrant anthem of carefree living and spiritual surrender. Lush percussion and evocative harmonies weave around the Nigerian singer/actor's vocals, propelled by upbeat rhythms that invigorate the soul. On the dance floor, "Buga" becomes a mesmerizing experience, with airy wind instruments and subtle electronic touches creating a unique sonic space to move freely within. Preserving the essence of the original, "Buga" celebrates the joy of letting go and embracing the divine - it's a narrative of liberation, challenging us to find our own cadence in the beautiful chaos of everyday existence. Words by Marie J Floro. Artwork by Rachael D'Alessandro.Executive Producer Mimmo Falcone. Distribution by Muting The Noise.

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