The Down Under Diaries
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Butane - The Down Under Diaries

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Artist: Butane
Title: The Down Under Diaries
Label: Extrasketch
Catalog: EX54
Released: 05.07.2024
Type: EP
1. Butane – Doof Creatures (08:32)
2. Butane – Eating Mushrooms In A Traffic Jam (08:58)
3. Butane – King Of Nowhere (06:02)

Dive deep into Australian vibes with Butane's latest EP, "The Down Under Diaries," inspired by his wild adventures last summer in Oz. The EP packs three killer tracks: "Doof Creatures," an ode to the Subsonic Festival and its fantastic ravers; "Eating Mushrooms in a Traffic Jam," a psychedelic road trip through the outback; and "King of Nowhere," a pensive reflection on the beauty and isolation of Western Australia. "The Down Under Diaries" EP is a wild ride through Australia's vibrant music scene through Butane's eyes and ears.

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